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What ShowTower Can Do…

  • ShowTower offers 8.5m of vertical lift for up to 140 kg of technical equipment for your show.
  • Capable of powering itself at only 75db at 6m or receiving an external power input for totally silent operation, it can be towed behind a transit sized van, deployed by two crew and and be fully set up and operational in 30 minutes.
  • Its flexibility allows it to be used in a huge variety of locations and settings such as film premiers, gala evenings and other red carpet events, product launches, corporate parties, weddings and outdoor festivals.

Why Choose ShowTower?

£ A fraction of the cost of other current solutions
30 mins build per tower
Almost Silent build and dismantle
140kg Max payload capability
8.5m Max lift height
No 3 Phase – not required
5.2kw of onboard production power
2 Crew required to build and dismantle
53mph Max wind speed tolerance
3m x 3m Small footprint
Full Calcs provided – No Section 30 required
4×4 Deliver anywhere
75db Generator noise at 6m
0db when using external power
8 Seconds to get mast to full height
Bio Diesel Supplied as Standard

All Types of Events

ShowTower can be used at all types of events. From red carpet premieres to outdoor festivals, from corporate parties to weddings, and from film locations to launch events. Its adaptability is unmatched.

Rapid Deployment

We can deliver to your location in single units towed behind a van or multiple units using a flatbed truck, and can have the first ShowTower up and running within 30 minutes of arriving.

Use Anywhere

If you can get to a location in a 4×4, you can hold an event there. ShowTower is self powered and self contained. Most equipment that you might hang from a ShowTower can be transported within the delivery vehicle.


Lighting is the obvious first use for our towers. We can tailor any light fittings you require for your event design up to a maximum payload of 140kg. ShowTower can also be an animated part of your next show, rising up whilst fully operational.


Need a quick and unobtrusive delay tower? Or how about an elevated FOH rig for your stage? ShowTower could be your answer.

Production Power

Use ShowTower for your ‘first on, last off’ power requirements. With 5.2kw available, that’s enough to power your basic site production office needs and also make a cuppa!